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Glow Wire Tester

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Glow wire test machine is designed according to the "glow wire test method" requirements in the IEC60695-2-10: 2000, GB / T5169.10-2006, GB / T5169.13-2006 and GB4706.1 standard. It is suitable for electronic products, household appliances and their materials for fire hazard testing. It simulate thermal stress caused by hot components or overload resistance of the heat source or ignition source in a short time.
Glow wire test machine is the integrated design,coupled with test chamber part and control part, which is easy for on-site installation and commissioning. Test chamber shell and the important parts are made of stainless steel, smoke and gas corrosion, using SCR automatic control system automatically adjust the current to achieve the precise temperature. It is digital display, easy to observe and record with stable and reliable performance.


1. GB/T5169.10 Glowing/hot-wire based test methods-Hot wire device and general test procedure
2. IEC 60695-2-11 Fire hazard testing-Part 2-11:Glowing/hot-wire based test methods-Glow wire flammability test method for end-products (GWEPT)
3. IEC 60695-2-12 11 Fire hazard testing-Part 2-12:Glowing/hot-wire based test methods-Glow wire flammability test method for materials.
4. UL 746  Standard for polymeric materials - Short term propertyevaluations
5. IEC829 Methods of test for the determination of the ignitability of solid electrical insulating materials when exposed to electrically heated wire sources
6. DIN695 Grade 2 chain slings with hook or ring type terminal fittings
7. VDE0471-2 Fire hazard testing; part 2: Test methods; glow-wire test and guidance


Glow wire testing machine is used for electrical and electronic products, plastic parts of household appliances and non-metallic insulation materials, such as: switch shell, relay socket.


Model Standard Case inner volume (m3) Dimensions (mm) Weight configuration
Gellowen-GB5169 GB4706.1 GB/T5169.4 0.1 W710xD365xH760 30 Φ0.5armored thermocouple
Gellowen-IEC60695 IEC60695 and IEC335 related standards 0.5 W1000 x D600 x H1260 50  
Gellowen-UL746 IEC60695 and UL746 related standards 0.75~1 W1200 x D600 x H1260    


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