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Virtual Studio HDTV Outside Broadcast Van/OB Van (Medium Rigid-2 axles)

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With highest space utilization and full equipped TV broadcast devices, the medium rigid becomes the most cost effective OB van.

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Vehicle body: Options of Benz 1832 etc. are available for the vehicle. Aerospace composites or aluminum skinned box are adopted for the main body; length of sliding room: 8.5 meters; popped out distance: 1/1.2m. Power distribution: 45KVA, 60KVA etc. can be chosen for the isolation transformer. 10kVA、20KVA etc. can be chosen for UPS. 200Ah Maintenance-free lead acid battery is adopted. Air conditioner: DAIKIN air conditioner, 5HP 1 sets, 3HP 2 sets. Leveling and supporting: Imported HWH hydraulic stabilizing legs, hydraulic supporting legs, support weight of single leg: 7/10 tons.

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