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DSHC-6 High Precision Magnetometer
DSHC-6 High Precision Magnetometer

DSHC-6 High Precision Magnetometer

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Introduction: DSHC-6 high-precision magnetometer is the new generation fluxgate magnetometer. having latest American technology, and having high resolution and accuracy, and can calibrate the surrounding interfered magnetic field. It is more advant




1. Faults location, archeology,
hydrology, engineering exploration (pipe detect), seismic omen survey, volcano
observation and magnetic prospecting &geological mapping of other
environment and disaster geological work.


2. Magnetic exploration of
various magnetic ores (magnetite), combined with other prospecting method, it
can research ore’s buried depth, vein direction, continuity, and shape, size,
ore deposit scale as well.


3. Magnetic prospecting and
geological mapping of metal and non-metal ore deposits.




Main Advantages:


1. Profile
curves of magnetic field strength in the measurement region can be given
directly from the data, and then the prospectors can get idea about the
magnetic field changing trend, also determine whether there is any bedrock
existence and value of exploration. Small size, light weight and portable.


2. Dynamic
show of the difference can see the variation value of magnetic field intensity
directly.Simple and easy to learn, you can master it within 5 minutes even
without professional knowledge.


3. It is
all-solid-state due to the usage of all-solid-state electronic circuits and
integrated sensor chip. No need silicone oil in probe for damping. DSHC-6 magnetic detector can measure when inclined, converted and
transverse, transport well.


High-resolution: 0.1nT~1nT. Good stability in repeat measurement.


5. Built in
temperature compensation: automatic calibration to error caused by temperature


6. Communicate
with computer: the data can be transmitted to a PC as the basis for mapping and


7. Wide range
up to ± 100000nT (is the widest range at present). No need to set grade and
shifting, which is more convenient.


8. Automatic
record and save data: it records the time and magnetic field intensity when


9. Display is
big screen LCD with backlight, which can be also used at night.


10. Automatic
voltage alarm: the power of probe and display is large-capacity rechargeable
lithium batteries: with 4000mA capacity.


11. Big data
storage capacity: it can store data of 100000 points, and you can view the
former data at any time.





Detect axial:
geomagnetic field vertical or horizontal component.


range:-100000nT~+100000 nT




<± 0.5% (full range)


method: full range direct measurement without coarse adjustment, accurate
adjustment and shifting.


Data storage
capacity: 100,000 points


acquisition frequency: 100 times per second;


Whole power
consumption: 160mA~300mA,


Power supply:
4000mA big-capacity rechargeable lithium batteries, one charge to probe can
work 20 hours continuously.


temperature: -10 ℃~+50 ℃,
built-in temperature compensation.


Display mode:
large-screen LCD show the difference value with backlight, brightness is


Probe size:


Power data
line: 1.5m


Probe weight:
0.5 Kg


weight: 2Kg


size: 270mm×110mm×223mm




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